Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Why did you use the “Hourly Cleanse” schedule?

The cleanse day schedule used in the app is based on Kjersti Cote’s “Perfect Cleanse Day” which is what we have been using and most of the people on our team use. You can select between this schedule and the Cleanse Day schedule originally provided in the 30-Day System guide.
Click here to see what we’re talking about.

2) Which Shake Day schedule is like the one that came with my instructions?

The WELCOME PACK schedule has been designed to follow the instructions you received with your 30-day system – granted they don’t give you times, so we’ve worked out a schedule to fit the average person’s day.

3) The reminders aren’t working… is the app broken?

We’ll post on Facebook if there are any outages with our server (we use Amazon Web Services to deploy all of our push notifications).  If your reminders aren’t working, we have a few suggestions: a) change your wifi or data connection to see if the app is being blocked from syncing, b) go into your MY ACCOUNT, then SYNC SETTINGS and hit “Force Refresh”, c) quit the app and relaunch, and lastly if all else fails, d) delete and reinstall – but first check with us before you do this.  Email us at to have us test and see if your data has been syncing before you delete the app.  NOTE:  If you delete the app and it hasn’t fully synced, you will lose any data that is being saved locally!

4) How do I get the app to POP-UP notifications instead of the quick little slider at the top of my iPhone? (iPhone and other iOS devices)

Go into the notification settings on your phone (Settings, Notification Center, then scroll to the bottom of the “include” section and click on My Shake Day) and set it to the “alert” panel, that will make the notifications pop-up. We find this better, especially if you’re not staring at your phone all day to get the alerts.

5) I want to change the start time for my day, how do I do that? (all devices)

Go to the PLANNER page on the app. The time is listed at the top right of the page – simply tap on the time (if you miss on your tap, try again – some devices are a little sensitive). You will be prompted with a time selector as provided by your device’s user interface.

6) How do I edit an incorrect weight logging (or measurement)? (all devices)

Simply tap on the entry (or if you want to add an older entry to the history, tap the “no reading”) and you will be taken to the LOG EDITOR screen. Enter you new data and click SAVE NOW.

Have other questions?  Let us know and we’ll help you ASAP, then add it here to help others!