My Shake Day – the #1 Shake App for iPhone!

My Shake Day is the only third-party mobile app (available on iPhone) that will help you keep track of your 30-day system. As users of the isa-shake program, we know exactly what you need to stay successful on the program, and have developed the best tool that you can keep right in your pocket!



It’s easy to get distracted, pulled away or even fall off the wagon. But when you have consistent notifications reminding you to stay on track, your rate of success is much greater.



Studies show the more you pay attention to your results, the more you achieve your goals. Keeping track of your weight on a program is important, so we have included it here.



Weight loss or weight gain isn’t always about the scale, more often, it’s about the inches (or centimeters). Track your full body’s transformation quickly and easily.

Your Stats Right Up Front

Easily keep track of your progress evey time you launch the app! Know how much you’ve lost and how much more you have to go.

Get additional add-ons to support your transformation goals – including the water tracker, which automatically determines your daily water intake from your latest weigh-in.

Our development team is continuing to add more features to the app, making it the most robust shake-lifestyle companion app on the market!

Updates and Bug Fixes

We are continuously working on advancing this app.  We have a roadmap of development to take us well into 2016 and beyond, however we welcome suggestions – and we do our best to incorporate as many as we can (if we haven’t already thought of it ourselves!).  You can send a message to us directly via the support email – support@myshakeday.com – or through our Facebook page.

Thanks for your patience and support.

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