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My Shake Day is the best app to track your 30-day program journey, professionally coded and built from the ground up. We used our real-life experiences on our 30-day weight loss program to create an app that is an essential companion piece.

– your full 30-day calendar directly on your device
– track your weight loss
– track your body’s inch or centimeter loss
– check off each item as you complete your day

If you’re serious about achieving dramatic results with your weight loss plan on the 30-day system, this app will keep you on pace.

Available on iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch!
Click to download it on the Apple Store

Why We Created My Shake Day

Immediately after beginning his weight loss journey, Bud Adams began working on the missing companion app to the 30 day program. As a Creative Director in the small business world, designing wasn’t an issue, but developing was tricky. After a few months of searching, he was finally able to make a deal with a Pittsburgh based developer to make this dream a reality. Three months later, with many features and ideas still lingering on the white board, version 1.0 of My Shake Day is released.

Bud believes in the value of the 30-day plan – his real life story involves releasing 60 lbs, going from 252 lbs and size 44 pants to 191 lbs and a size 36 pants. Keeping on track with the program is important, a simple app like this can make or break someone’s experience and we want to provide as many tools as possible to help people reach their goals.

This app is designed to work with someone who has just signed up all the way to someone that is 6% body fat and been on the system for years!

The perfect companion app for your 30-day system

Awesome Features


We’ve included a reliable reminders system to alert you when you need to follow the plan, for both shake days AND cleanse days. Our timers are triggered from when YOU start your day… so if you have a late starting day, so do our reminders.


What good is a reminder without a checklist? We've included a checklist of your schedule so you can follow along, see what's coming up and mark off what you've done - so you're sure to keep on track!

Custom Calendar

This app follows the plan you set, whether you’re starting on Day 1 or adding it to your routine on Day 12, or even if you just want to hit the reset button! Easily toggle between shake days and cleanse days to plan our your entire month.


Track your weight loss and inch loss progress as often as you want by easily entering your stats. It does the math for you! Easily monitor your progress through the scrolling history view, identify when you had plateaus and when you had break-throughs.

Get It Now


Click below to get My Shake Day on your iPhone or iPad now! The app is available for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad with international support for metric or imperial units.

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Contact Us

NOTICE: DO NOT DELTE YOUR APP - you will lose your data stored. On Monday (March 23rd) we submitted the fix for the weight and measurements bug that has disabled entering your information. As soon as Apple appoves it, it will be available to update the app. I will post to Facebook ( when it is approved.

Also, we are finishing up the new Version 1.5 which will bring back the reminders and notifications feature that was recently blocked, we have rebuilt that feature and will be submiting it to Apple as soon as the testing is complete.

Thanks for your patience.
- Bud Adams
We welcome your comments, questions and concerns and promise to try to get back to you as soon as possible. Our goal is to make the best companion app for your 30-day journey and to never leave you hanging.

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